Elements for a Successful Press Release

Even with all the advancements in marketing, some of the basic practices still remain profoundly effective. A perfect example would be the press release that everyone from large corporations to city councils still uses as a medium to reach audiences.

A press release is one of the most practical and effective ways to announce to the media and other chosen publications about any developments in your business. It could be about a leadership hire, new investments, acquisitions, marketing campaigns, partnerships, product launches, awards, or any other current or future event.

But there is a problem with press releases. There are way too many. A media organization may get several in a single day and if yours doesn’t check all the boxes, it won’t stand out from the clutter. Read on to know the five elements that all successful press releases have in common.

The right timing

While you can’t control newsworthy occurrences, you should ensure that you don’t release your press release on or around the day of a major event. All your effort would be in vain as reporters would be busy covering it.

But if you cannot avoid releasing a press release around that event, ensure that you do it as early as possible.

A captivating headline

A reporter or someone at the news desk might spend a couple of seconds on your press release. What will keep them there longer is an exciting headline. If your headline sounds boring or cliched, nothing else would be relevant.

An easy way to ensure it holds a reporter’s attention is to write it like the headline of an article.

A concise and factual lead paragraph

The lead paragraph should give the reason for the press release. It should clearly and concisely capture all the necessary information. If it sounds fluffy, reporters will move on to the next press release.

Make sure to put all that you want to convey in the first paragraph but don’t keep it long.

Corroborating quotes

Next, you have to give all the supporting information. You can get into the details of the announcement here and make it sound credible with a quote or two from a key individual in the company.

It could be the spokesperson or someone in a leadership position. You can also add quotes from business partners or customers. This will humanize the information you share.

A clear-cut call to action

Your press release should always end with a direct call to action. Whether it’s to get people to sign up on your website or attend an event, the reader should know what’s expected of them.

If your reader is unclear on the next step, the entire process would have been fruitless.

Get the right press release for your business

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