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Digital Agency

Dave Flanagan & Co. – Digital Agency VA

From humble beginnings, Dave Flanagan & Co. is more than your typical digital agency. Our company embraces strategic thinking, technical innovation, and brand building to deliver on our clients’ objectives. We focus on our creative skills for digital solutions. It is thoroughly rewarding for us, our clients, and their audiences.

As a digital agency, we are a company that provides inventive, tactical, and specialized developments of screen-based products and services. We work to help our clients engage with specific target markets.

While any production or web development company can follow basic instructions to execute a digital project, our clients receive a high degree of value by consulting with us personally to come up with marketing and communication strategies, followed by creative direction and output for a project.

Traditionally, a digital agency might have been labelled as an internet agency who rarely does print work. The field, however, has evolved into so much more than just websites. Essential mediums now include mobile, social networks, digital signage, kiosks, applications, software, videos, podcasts, and so forth.

It requires a deep understanding to successfully guide and grow a brand through digital landscape. Successful brands take advantage of interaction and provide additional consumer value. The core principles of brand strategy remain the same, but here at Dave Flanagan & Co., you will find anything but ordinary.