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Return On Investment

We know that every ad dollar counts. So we track every single one and report to you 1.) How much you have spent and 2.) How many sales you made and very often, how much you made.

Quick Google Ads Case Study

Google Ads

Business to Consumer Sales
$500 Per Month Ad Spend
$400 Management Fee
$900 Total Ads + Management
$16,450 Per Month in Sales

Before to Spin Modern

$500 Per Month Ad Spend
$0 Management Fee
$2,500 Per Month Employee Pay
$3,000 Per Month Ads + Employee
$3500 Per Month in Sales
Client was only breaking even.

After Spin Modern

Client more than quadrupled sales while saving over $2000 per month in cost. They went from a single person doing the work to more than a dozen people working on their sales.

More Case Studies

SEO Case Studies

LOCAL SEO: Oral Surgeon Sales
NATIONAL SEO: Trade School Sales

PPC Case Studies

Google Ads: Auto Parts Sales
Google Ads: Oral Surgeon Sales
Google Ads: Trade School Sales
WAZE Ads: Urgent Care Sales

Social Case Studies

Facebook: Business to Consumer
Instagram: Business to Business

How we operate:

  • We require a $900 per month minimum commitment
  • We do not require a set up fee
  • We do not have a termination fee
  • We manage on a month-to-month basis

Google Ads

For Strategic Business Growth

What is the number one reason businesses fail? It is being afraid, not using or not budgeting for marketing and advertising. What that breaks down to is you need to get your business out to the market and to do that you need strategies with a plan of action. Google Ads is the answer to the secret strategy of how to grow your business. It’s always been there. You just haven’t been utilizing it.

When a business is born or a vision is implemented everyone gets excited about the possibilities. You do everything right. You incorporate your business, you set up your website, and you put your product or service in writing and send it to the marketplace. Then you sit back and wait for the phone to ring or your email to be overloaded with questions and orders. But your sales are nothing like you anticipated or even need to stay in business. What did you do wrong?

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Misdirected Marketing

If you don’t have a way to measure what your client and/or customer wants or an effective and efficient way to reach them for sales you know they would give you then you have driven yourself and your bold vision into the path of discarded businesses. Decoding the mysteries of online marketing isn’t that hard. Start by creating your passion, vision, and craft your business strategy. BUT, the most critical concept in business success and profit is driven by:
1. Digital user information friendly marketing
2. The size of your competitors and the interested population is crucial.
3. Searches for your product or service need to lead to your business and your popularity needs to increase each month..

Marketing Lesson Learned

You hold the key to success or failure. If you aren’t willing to be bold and creative in your outreach to customers and clients through Google Ads’ targeted keyword strategy approach, then you may miss the success venture mark by a mile. Not only is Google Ads targeted marketing successful, but it is also transparent, budget-friendly and provides statistically backed by reports which allow you to discern and control the next step to success. Call or email today. Don’t wait because every day you don’t call, is a day lost to your business vision success.

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