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Integrating Instagram into your business

Double tap! Instagram has proven to be a thriving network with over 500 million active users. However, most marketers (93%) have chosen to advertise on Facebook and Twitter. Instagram offers an upper hand over your competitors. By integrating Instagram into your business, you can easily push through the clutter.

Make it clear

When setting up your account, ask yourself, “what do I want to achieve?” Are you looking to extend the reach of your brand? Perhaps you want to create a place where customers can share photos of your products. It could be that you want to highlight a more personal side of your business to attract a wider audience. Regardless of what you’re looking to do, integrating instagram into your business can get you there.

Killer Content

Instagram is all about visuals, so it is crucial that you post valuable content for your audience and potential customers. It’s easy to scroll past a post in a matter of milliseconds. You want to produce something that will really grab their attention. Seek to inspire and entertain, not directly promote products or services.

You can share photos and videos that last up to one minute. You can add different filters and effects to add to the tone of your message. For videos, shorter is often better. A lot of teens and young adults want something fast, yet engaging. Vine has become very popular with its seven second video clips. You will more than likely receive better results if you can keep a video under 30 seconds.

Each post should be followed with an enticing caption, and don’t forget the hashtags. These tags will expand the reach of your post. Just don’t over-kill them. 3-5 hashtags is often more than enough.


When integrating Instagram into your business, start by following relevant influencers and publications. For those you have worked with in the past, team spirit is key. Make sure to tag collaborators (do so by using the @ sign followed by their username) in captions.

Before following a lot of accounts, it is best to already have an interesting bio and a few updated posts. You don’t want influencers to view an empty profile.