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Custom Hand-Painted Advertising ?

Are you ready for the next big trend in advertising? We offer custom hand-painted murals that are larger than life. From simple window paintings to high-rise wall murals.

Huge Outdoor Hand-Painted Murals

Starting at $15,000.00
Muralist Sam Welty has over 20 years experience in hand-painting large outdoor murals. We paint large outdoor murals, the bigger the better! Imagine your brand 10 stories tall. We can do that. Here are a few of the recent large outdoor murals our painter has created over the past year or so. Our Muralist, Sam Welty, painted the large outdoor murals on this page. If you are interested in outdoor advertising on this scale we have nearly 2 decades of experience. Please call us at 757-772-8523

Murals Need to be Quoted

If a site visit is needed, Spin Modern charges a $2500 non-refundable fee. The fee will be applied to the total cost of the mural if you choose to use us. This quote includes an actionable plan with directions in the unlikely event that you do not choose us to create your mural. Sometimes walls need work before painting a mural. There are also site issues such as ditches, trees and other unforeseen challenges that patrons will not know to show us. Nearly all out of state murals larger than 3 stories require a site visit.

Get your brand off the ground and on a wall.

The Visionary With The Brush

Sam’s passion for art comes through in the messages he conveys & the emotions evoked by his work. He enjoys the journey painting takes him on. The biggest reward of this journey is the reaction of his clients when they see the final result of what he has created for them. Creations that include everything from a beautiful mural in a toddler’s bedroom to the wall of a ten story building. In addition to large outdoor murals & residential wall murals, Sam’s work also includes commercial murals, window painting & signs, original paintings on any size canvas, and prints. Sam’s largest work to date is Great America 1, A Celebration of American Heroes, which was painted over a one-month period onto the back of the Flagship Motel. This work was painted as a dedication to honor the men and women who fight to keep America safe. If you live in Hampton Roads, there is a great possibility you have seen some of Sam’s other works.