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Linkedin for Business

Standing out amongst such an aspirational crowd can prove difficult for even the savviest digital marketers. With over 300 million members, Linkedin is the world’s largest professional network. Amongst all social media platforms, Linkedin is the number one channel for business-to-business (B2B) marketers to distribute content. It is also the leading social network for driving traffic to corporate websites.

Campaign Structure

Campaign structure is very important when leveraging Linkedin for business. When creating your text ad campaign, it is crucial to consider and implement campaign structures based on your targeting objectives.

As a general practice, target each campaign to a unique audience. Name your campaign accordingly for easy identification. This approach will allow you to test different content types. Messaging amongst a specific audience will allow you to determine what resonates best with them.

Ad Creation

Linkedin for business utilizes text ad campaigns. They can have up to 15 text ads. It is recommended to have at least 3 ad variations within the campaign, including varying text, calls-to-action, and images.

A text ad consists of:

  • 25 character headline – a catchy headline addressing your audience
  • 75 character description – describe why someone should click your ad and include a strong call to action
  • 50 by 50 image – use an image that will capture the attention of your audience


There are multiple targeting options available with using Linkedin for business. This is where the platform truly shines, but it is also where the success or failure of your campaign can occur. For the best results, aim for an audience of at least 60,000 members and no more than 600,000 members.

Based on your advertising objectives, you can target your campaigns by:

  • Location
  • Company – name, industry, size
  • Job – title, function, seniority
  • School
  • Field of Study
  • Degree
  • Skills
  • Groups
  • Gender
  • Age

If you find your ideal audience is either too small or too large, you can also exclude members from each available targeting option too.

Using Linkedin for Business has proven to be a very effective channel. However, be sure that you are getting the most out of your advertising dollars. Through constant monitoring, continued optimization, and testing, you’ll have Linkedin ads working for your business in no time.