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Listing & Online Reputation Management

There are data aggregators compiling data about you and your company right now. You don’t even need a website for these companies to log information about you. Name, Location, Hours, Services, etc… are all gathered by data aggregators. Believe it or not, sometimes they get it wrong. One bit of information gets out of line, then another, soon the search engines don’t know what to show. We’ll help you with this.

We have the management tools to upload the correct information and then stay on top of the aggregators suppressing wrong information while building better data about your company. This will improve your online visibility by recalling consistent, visible local business information about you online. Once the correct information is in the system and verified, we will then share this information with the data aggregators. We manage systems such as Yext, MOZ Google Market Places, Yahoo, Bing and more. Then we will provide you with a detailed report showing effectiveness.

Perceived trustworthiness with incomplete listings
Perceived trustworthiness with complete online listings

Local Listing Management & Online Reputation Management

We manage local listings and manage online reputations
Local Listing Management & Online Reputation Management $300 Monthly n/a

Improve your online visibility by providing consistent, visible local business information across hundreds of listing sites.