Marketing Firms

The role of a marketing firm

To some, the role of a marketing firm may be to sell you a website, produce brochures, or push the latest social media strategies on their clients. At Dave Flanagan & Co., we see things in a different light. Here, we believe that the greatest role a marketing firm plays is to inspire.

A good marketing firm should help their clients see their businesses from multiple perspectives.

We want our clients to be proud of their organization. We want to be able to spark new ideas within them for their companies. We want them to be able to communicate a unified message about who they are and what they stand for.

A good marketing firm should show their clients a new world of advertising based on existing strengths, limitations, and aspirations. Here at Dave Flanagan & Co., we enjoy inventing new ways to think about, speak to, and sell products.

A marketing firm should never offer to simply polish up a business.

Instead, it should take the company under its wing and support the business from the inside out. This will not only make a difference for the company, but it will greatly impact their audience as well.

If a firm is driven solely by revenue, it is not driven at all.

Marketing is about expressing values and viewpoints to people, and finding out how they see the world. It is about building lasting relationships with the public.

Anyone can create a website, a brochure, and other collateral. However, the true value of marketing comes with the ability to challenge clients to dream bigger, and to provide them with appropriate guidance in order for them to bring their aspirations to life. Only then can a company devise effective, usable tools to inspire an audience both within and outside of an organization.