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Mobile Pay Per Click

Not Knowing This Could Cost You Money

Nearly everyone with a mobile device is using it for on-line searches. Estimates say 80% of people don’t leave their home without their mobile device and 71% use their smartphone for making purchases each and every day. Your customers are out there and they’re spending more than 15 hours every week doing searches from their smartphones.


So it’s important for you to note that Mobile Pay Per Click (PPC) is your way of getting in front of people who are out and about and on the go.

Today’s on-line marketer needs to follow some simple best practices to capitalize on mobile pay per click.

1. Optimize for a mobile experience. Research shows that 57% of consumers won’t recommend your service if you have a bad mobile site and 40% would rather choose your competitor.
2. Use Ad Extensions throughout your campaign. Ad Extensions can have a huge impact on your paid search campaign
3. Use action-oriented keywords. This will help searchers make a decision.
4. Use offers and calls to action that specifically target your mobile searchers.
5. Choose when you want your campaign to be active. Specify times of the day or week when you know people are looking. For example, people are more likely looking for a restaurant during their lunch break from work or in the early evening when they’re heading home.

Here at Dave Flanagan & Co we help on-line marketers navigate the cluttered sea of mobile pay per click and AdWords. More than that, though, we will continually test, analyze and optimize performance so you’re reaching the audience that your want. 32% of all paid search clicks are now done on mobile devices. Because mobile pay per click can be time consuming and labor intensive for an otherwise busy business owner, Dave Flanagan & Co will take the stress off you. It’s our job to drive business to your mobile friendly website.