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We’re Not Your Last Boyfriend

by Dave Flanagan, President at DF&CO

We are not your last boyfriend when it comes to advertising & marketing.

You’ve been hurt before. Some other web designer didn’t deliver what they said they could deliver. Now you don’t believe designers, any designers.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

  1. You pay a Lone-Wolf-Self-Taught “Designer” an up-front payment.
  2. Even though they never went to college for graphic design or digital marketing they take your money now in the hope that they can figure out how to complete your work later.
  3. They encounter difficulty with your project and they have nobody else around their kitchen table to help them figure it out.
  4. A few weeks go by and they need to pay some bills, but they haven’t figured out your project yet.
  5. To pay this month’s bills they take on a new client with a new down payment. They put your project on hold and they devote time to trying to figure out how to design/develop the new job.
  6. Then they get lost in the new job too, now your project is months behind, but you’ve already paid a down payment but it has been spent on your lone-wolf “designer’s” rent. It’s gone.
  7. Your wolf is no longer returning your calls.

It’s a tale as old as time… or at least as old as there have been websites. We are not your last boyfriend/web designer.

We didn’t hurt you. So please don’t treat us like we will. We complete and build websites that other designers could not finish. How can we complete sites when other designers could not? Easy, we are professionals. We don’t work from our kitchens, we work in an office with other professionals. Here is how we are different:

We are all educated and experienced in Graphic Design. We are not your neighbor or some guy that just lost his job and cannot find another and decided to call himself a Web Designer or SEO Expert with no experience or education in digital media. We all have planned to be in this business, we have college degrees in design and/or communications and we are experienced in our field.

We know our limitations. We are experts in web design, development and online advertising. However, there is a growing population of web design prospects that expect more than a true designer and developer can or should be able to deliver. Prospects that want more than a website or an eCommerce website, they need an application. When we come across these prospects, we have the relationships in place to break-up the budget and refer the prospect to excellent Harvard-Trained Application Developers. We’ll build and market the client-facing website and refer the app to app developers.

If you are still unsure, we offer a money-back guarantee. If you are ever unhappy with the way things are going during development we will refund you. If we are in the process of building the website and you are unhappy for any reason we will refund you.

We’d rather just make you overjoyed with our service. We won’t take on a job we cannot complete. In a marketplace of “Just take the money now and figure it out later,” we’d just assume to stick to what we know well. We only take on work that we can make amazing for you.

If you have a project that has stalled out for months with another designer. Give us a call. We’ll work with them to take over and complete the project.