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Online Advertising During COVID-19

Online Advertising During COVID-19

• The time to advertise online is while others are not
• Less competition means less cost for you (Think less people at the auction)

We saw a momentary blip related to COVID-19, but lately we are seeing terrific gains for companies that can and have remained open. We also have noticed and recommended smart shifts in strategies that have benefitted our clients including in-home personal training for gyms that had shut down, teledentistry for dental checkups and so much more.

(Some businesses have even grown their sales to 2-3 times their average despite this pandemic)

Why Should You Still Be Marketing Now: What COVID-19 Really Means for Marketers.

We have noticed opportunities related to the virus on the economy. From contractors to e-commerce companies, we’ve seen strong success for several clients despite the global pandemic becoming the central concern on the minds of the media and the people.

It is important to remember that people will always need to purchase various items and when something is broken it still needs to be repaired. For instance, a ruined roof still needs to be replaced, and cars still need to be towed. People may delay their inquiries to businesses, but it’s vital for your business to be found when the consumer is looking to make a purchase.

As time goes by in this rough period, competitors will consider cutting costs, backing out of their marketing efforts or stopping them completely. Your competitors may consider this the smart move; however, they are leaving a void for you to fill. As more people back out of keyword bidding or reduce their spending considerably, costs-per-click naturally decreases. This is an opportunity for your business to get a greater foothold in the digital market.

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