Search Engine Optimization
We are experts in writing content that sells. Our team has been writing for both people and search engines for years. Your website will not just get found, it will also sell. Which is why you have it anyway. See Search Engine Optimization for more information.


Local Search Engine Optimization
& Online Reputation Management

There are data aggregators compiling data about you and your company right now. You don’t even need a website for these companies to log information about you. Name, Location, Hours, Services, etc… are all gathered by data aggregators.

Email Marketing

We create email marketing strategies. Dave Flanagan and company has created and managed targeted email campaigns for years. The term “Email Blast” makes us cringe. We segment prospects and then craft messages tailored to those segments.


Search Engine Marketing
We only use online marketing best practices. No “black-hat” stuff going on here. We do NOT try to trick Google or any other search engines. We use hard work and experience to manage PPC campaigns. AdWords is constantly and rapidly changing, which is why we need to re-certify each year. | 20% of ad spend per mo.

Content Creation & Blogging

We create content (via blogging) that is relevant and searchable by your prospects then, as a bonus, we post the content to your social media accounts. Our writers are educated in the United States and have degrees in the field, they are SEO experts and write content that sells. If your content needs to be styled, our in-house graphic designers will give the articles a finishing touch that is professional. You won’t be disappointed.

Social Media

Social Media Management
We use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to reach social markets. We’ll use others when there is an obvious platform that is relevant to the client. This is a new service for us. We are offering first month free, month-to-month, with a 100% money back guarantee. See our terms and conditions for details.