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StaffVibe Website Redesign



The Challenge

StaffVibe has a really cool Mobile App Concept exclusively for people that work at bars, clubs and restaurants. They wanted their website to attract wait staff to download their mobile app. However, when people went to their website they had no idea what to do. So they called us and we redesigned their website to attract desirable users. Basically, when someone visited the website, they had no idea that they were supposed to download the mobile app.

The Solution

Prior to our changes the website basically showed everything the application did in confusing modules. We changed this by using a brief statement, also adding a background image that the desired user would relate to and simplifying the design. We also added and gave importance to a direct link to the mobile app download. Now people knew the page was to inform them of the mobile app download.
Before redesign they had just under 50 downloads over 2 years. After redesign they gained over 700 within 30 days.

Number of app downloads 2 years prior to redesign

Number of app downloads 30 days after redesign

The Results Were Amazing

StaffVibe had their mobile app and their informational website promoting the website for 2 years prior to coming to Spin Modern. They had a great concept, but not many downloads. After redesigning their HTML website, we saw a sharp increase in app downloads, over 700 in 30 days.