Many companies dismiss social media as “just a fad,” however contrary to that belief, social media is very beneficial to marketing. The misconception may be spurred more by the lack of knowledge in using Social Media to it’s advantage. Studies have proven that using social media as a marketing tool increases traffic to websites which result in conversions and sales. Therefore, social media is both effective and profitable.

You may be saying “Yeah, right” to all of this, but have you asked “How can social media help my business?”

Here are some key points about using social media that we find most important to you:

  • Create or Increase Brand Recognition and Awareness
  • Engage with existing and potential customers to increase Brand Loyalty
  • Profit more by promoting services, products, and events.
  • High conversion rates-100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing
  • Target specific audiences at a time they are most likely to see your content

If that doesn’t do it for you, numbers may talk more. Let’s outline that for you now:

3.4 BILLION total internet users
2.3 BILLION internet users have an active social media account
$32.9 BILLION 2016 total social media revenue
$41 BILLION projected 2017 social media revenue

There are currently 3.4 BILLION total internet users. Of that 3.4 BILLION, 2.3 BILLION have an active social media account. While all of those users may not be in your market, it does expand your list of prospects.Since 2014, social media revenue has nearly doubled. In 2016 alone, social media revenue was a whopping $32.9 BILLION. These aren’t millions people. What’s even more exciting is that the year 2017 is projected to bring in $41 BILLION!

Let that sink in for a bit. If you have more questions or need help getting started, read more here.