Social Media Management

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Social Media Management

52% of online brand discovery happens in public social feeds


Managed by a dedicated professional


Track interactions and engagement


Increase website exposure


Flexible budgeting with quality traffic


In-house based team

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What is Social Media Management?

Social media management consists of monitoring your business and interacting with other users across all platforms. This includes scheduling your posts and targeting specific audiences that you will appeal to, as well as engaging with users through comments, messaging, tagging and more.

Our social media management team is ready to provide you results.

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Key Points About Social Media Usage:

  • Increases traffic to websites, which results in conversions and sales
  • Create or increase brand recognition and awareness
  • Engage with existing and potential customers to increase brand loyalty
  • Profit more by promoting services, products, and events.
  • High conversion rates: social media marketing has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing
  • Target specific audiences at a time they are most likely to see your content
social media display on a laptop a tablet and a cell phone on a table all with the same image of instagram on the screen. social media marketing concept

Our Approach to Social Media Management

Without a doubt, our number one goal is to maximize your ROI and to also get you customers that keep coming back. When you work with us, we always keep you in the loop with weekly calls by working with your input and providing you with in-depth data.


Learning your business

We take the time to understand your business and what you have to offer. We’ll also see what your competitors are advertising and who your audiences are.

Creative designs

Unlike Google Ad campaigns, social media campaigns are mainly visual. Our in-house designers will help create engaging displays to grasp the attention of users.

Strategy development

From retargeting to determining your target audiences, we’ll have a plan in place to get your business known. In addition to planning, we’ll consistently test additional targeting methods once your campaign is live.

Data analysis

Our team will analyze given data from your campaigns, looking at trends and patterns to improve your live campaigns and to better optimize your account. Our number one goal is to maximize your ROI.
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Why Spin Modern?

We are a U.S. based team that knows how to sell. It is all we do. Prior to all work, we write a proposal detailing the timeline and cost for your project.


Sales Automation

We bring a new level of sales opportunities to your company. We can integrate a sales platform into your website such as Salesforce or Zoho so that you can collect prospect information for marketing purposes.

Sales Tracking

We can integrate Google Analytics and several other popular tracking platforms into your redesigned website so that you can sell better.

Mobile Responsive

All of our website refreshes are mobile responsive. They will look great on TVs, desktop computers, laptops, phones and wherever else you need to show off your websites.

If you knew these 141 people, they'd tell you to call us!

Spin Modern created a new website for The Woman's Club of Norfolk and we could not be more pleased! They delivered everything we asked for and worked with us until every last detail was to our liking. They are fairly priced and completed our website in a reasonable timeframe.
Sheila Kilpatrick
19:31 31 Oct 18
Spin modern can make you money through your website. You should call them today if you are thinking about upgrading or starting from scratch .
Mike Brown
21:05 12 Mar 19
I knew nothing about the art of website building, which was fine because Spin Modern knows everything! Dave Flanagan has gathered a team of extremely talented and supremely knowledgeably skilled graphic designers. I am thrilled to be working with Brandy Baker on my site. Brandy has an intuitive sense when it comes to matching a logo with the spirit of the business - without even knowing me very well. I couldn't believe my eyes when I received the proof - it was a perfect match! If you're thinking about hiring a team to design your website, don't give it another thought - call Spin Modern! You'll be grateful you did.
Maura Zimmerman
21:48 06 Mar 18
Spin Modern ran by Dave Flanagan is one of the best companies we have ever used to create our companies websites and run our Google ad words! I would have a lot to say to positively reflect his company, for starters they only guide you with the information you really need to help you save money by making logical decisions and not charge you to do that evaluation. Secondly they make sure it’s done right and if it’s not done to your standard they will fix it and or not charge you for that month! I have seen both of these situations actually happen and I will stand strong behind this company and Dave Flanagan. This is a company you can stand behind and a company you should feel comfortable to invest your money in to help you make more money!
Chad Havunen
16:18 04 Mar 18
This group is FANTASTIC to work with. I have used a dozen web developers so I know when my time is spent on productive activities. Dave Flanagan was THE BEST guy I have ever worked with on web design, dev, configuration and staying on schedule or ahead of it. Dave took my ideas and created something that is better than anything I could have come up with. Their pricing is also far better than the others I have (tried) to work with. Best of all they are really a marketing company that builds websites. So my site and the way I use it as part of my overall business plan is awesome. If you need any or all of the above call these guys. No one else will ever touch my business needs in this area. ~Murray, Chicago, IL.
Murray Carlson
14:11 07 May 18
I've known the president of Spin Modern Dave Flanagan for over 25 years and there was no question in my mind that when I decided to open my own small business a year ago that I wanted Dave and Spin Modern at my side. I have absolutely no regrets. The website that they designed for us is absolutely top notch. They have made adjustments to our site on multiple occasions over the last year to enable technological innovations that enable better client communications and make doing business easier. Spin Modern made all of these transitions seamless. Their SEO management is second to none. You won't find anyone out there who will work harder for you than all of the folks over at Spin Modern. If you want a true partner in your business, these are the people to which you need to talk!
James Kimmel
00:30 13 Dec 19
Spin Modern is the best company we have used to create and develop our website. They consistently deliver on everything we ask for. Since going to Spin Modern we are now attracting more maritime students both nationally and internationally. Very knowledgeable on the constantly changing electronic world and making us more visible through Search Engine Optimization, marketing techniques and improved strategies to keep us at the fore front of the digital world. Everyone from Dave on down is passionate about what they do and they do it extremely well!!
Raymond Blanchet
20:54 13 Dec 19
Spin Modern is an amazing company to work with. The staff is friendly and very prompt to return phone calls and emails. They take the time to sit down with you and discuss what will work best for your company. They are open and honest.
Amanda Kennedy
05:39 01 Jan 20
The team at Spin Modern has been an amazing asset to our start up. From the beginning scope of assisting us with our web site and brand message, to educating us on how best to spend our marketing budget, to implementing a plan to do that, to success---they have walked us through it all. Dave's team are so well versed and knowledgeable about the services they offer and provide, that they has taught us such a wonderful understanding, that we feel 100% confident in our growth and success. Thank you for the professionalism and all that you have done for us.
Erin Hurry
00:38 13 Dec 19
Working with spin modern has been amazing! Their sales automation platform has helped me easily reach our clients and leads without having to send out emails on my own that used to take up half of my day. Their team has also been great with regularly keeping in contact with me and giving me ideas and strategies on what I can be doing better to make more money
Will Olson
16:02 12 Dec 19
Spin Modern is an amazing company to work with. The staff is friendly and very prompt to return phone calls and emails. They take the time to sit down with you and discuss what will work best for your company. They are open and honest.
Dorothy Pham
18:28 18 Dec 19