We fix the broken link in the sales chain

  • If the problem is the Website, we fix it.
  • If the problem is lack of opportunity, we fix it.
  • If the problem is the Sales Staff, we fix it.
  • If the problem is the Sales Process, we fix it.

Phone Training

We track and record phone sales. By monitoring phone calls you are able to identify sales opportunities, re-market opportunities, and any potential issues in your customer service. By training you to track your phone calls you can hear first-hand how your employees and customers interact. Spin Modern can also help write scripts for your employees to follow to aid in their phone etiquette. Doing this will ensure your customers are getting the satisfaction they deserve.

Sales Training

We know you want a return on your investment. We will train you and/or your team to look for the best sales opportunities. With our Sales Training you will learn how to measure your success. We can help you to strategize and discover ways to maintain consumer interest. We also help you to establish goals and find opportunities you can grow. Sales Training can help you to expand and develop your team and improve client relationships. This helps to increase flow and productivity.

WordPress Training

WordPress has become an industry standard in the world of website development. Our WordPress Training helps you navigate your new website like a pro. You will learn the basics of using a WordPress powered website, how to navigate and use the Content Management System (CMS), themes and content styling and so much more. Included in this training are the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization and certain html coding elements such as Meta Tags.

WooCommerce Training

WooCommerce is a WordPress powered online store. When training in WooCommerce, we will walk you through loading products, creating variations of products, adjusting pricing and managing your inventory. We will guide you through setting up payment gateways and monitoring sales. With WooCommerce training, you’ll never have to be at the mercy of a developer to make the changes necessary for you to run your store.

HTML/CSS Training

Learn the language of the web. HTML and CSS are what makes the internet, literally. In our HTML Training you will learn about styling your content, creating lists, linking and more. We provide you with the essentials you need to make any changes and regular updates to your website without being dependent on a web developer or web team.

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