Dave Flanagan & Company – web advertising agencies

Dave Flanagan & Co. is one of many regional web advertising agencies.

We are strategists that specialize in website development and design. We offer numerous services to our clients so that they may see higher returns through ads and webpages.

As a web advertising agency, we employ a broad range of strategies to create marketing campaigns that are tailored to our clients’ needs. We work closely with each of our clients to gather information in order to best pitch their campaign ideas before following up with the creative process of making and distributing the ads.

We greatly value the ongoing partnerships we have obtained over the past year.

We also appreciate our new and upcoming clientele. Rather than cold-calling random businesses, we prefer to begin with an inside-out approach by contacting people on a personal level.

When meeting with a potential client, we want to ensure that we stand out amongst our competition. If it appears necessary, we may research and bring up case studies to review methods of advertising that have proven successful for similar companies. Typically, we will review other logos, ad banners, and websites our company has designed in the past with our clients. This helps us determine together how to manage the direction of the project.

Once we are able to arrange the objectives for a client and deliver a deadline estimate, the creativity process begins. Our team begins making phone calls and sending out emails to put together the actual components for the campaign. These may include television or radio commercials, website pop-up windows, or a mixed media combination.

After the project has been completed and our client has made the final purchase, the campaign is released. In order to avoid bombarding consumers in any one type of media, we suggest that ads be alternated throughout newspapers, commercials, and other forums.

As a fairly new web advertising agency, we are always on the lookout for new projects, but more importantly, new clients. Our prime goal here at Dave Flanagan & Co. is to provide you with only our best so that we may help raise awareness of your company.