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Our team met in graphic design school. We all have degrees in design.
We will create a website that will enable your company to get found much easier by locals online. The website will include a universal content management system (CMS using WordPress, Joomla or Drupal) which will allow employees to make content updates and add new content. It will also include basic search engine optimization and analytics for constant improvement.

E-commerce websites require a little more work, so they are a little more money. The basic differences between regular websites and an e-commerce websites are that e-commerce sites receive money so they need to connect to your bank, they require higher security, a SSL certificate and need the ability to incorporate product listings. These are not terribly difficult to do, they just take a little more time to setup and require additional cost for higher security.

We make websites for one reason: To make your company money. We’ll make it pretty, we’ll make it user-friendly, but most importantly we’ll make it profitable. If you have a current, pretty website that isn’t making you money, you don’t need a new website. You need better, SEO friendly content that also sells. Contact us to discuss options.

We make websites for one reason: To make your company money.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is included on all of our websites. Content can be generated by us, you or a combination of us working with you. Content is also available with an alternate mobile menu and can show alternate content on mobile or desktop. We push your site to Google Bing and Yahoo. We also use professional SEO tools and diagnostics to create a healthy, search friendly website for your company. Google Tag Manager will help you track visitors and their movements to and to, within and away from your website. We can also track meaningful actions using tag manager such as sales and completed forms. At any time during the process of creating your website, if you feel like we are not holding up our end, we will refund you.

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Design Example 1

Summer 2017
Our company was approached by the awesome Application Developer, StaffVibe. They were not receiving the subscribers they were expecting for their really cool App. They have an great relationship with their developers who are fantastic at making websites work, however, they are developers that do not design. So we took a look at it and designed a landing page and internal application pages for them.

The entire idea for the landing page is to entice the visitor to download the app from the Apple Store. We created focus to that end. We also showed the mobile app in its native form by showcasing the app on two phones to the right.

Our company uses design to sell. Selling is our number 1 job. Nobody goes into business to have an awesome website, they go into business to make money. Spin Modern makes money for our clients.