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There are times when YouTube or Vimeo make sense. But there are instances when you shouldn’t post your videos on these platforms. If you’re looking to drive visitors to your website, you’ll want to take advantage of Wistia’s SEO optimized embed codes. They’re designed to automatically optimize your videos for search engines and direct that traffic back to your domain.

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Build drip campaigns around viewing data, assign leads to your sales team, and engage with your audience in a personal, scalable, and spiritual way. Don’t let your audience forget about you, and stop wasting time chasing leads. Add our’s marketing automation integrations to your marketing tool belt.

YouTube Partners

We are Google Ads Partners, which includes YouTube, the 2nd most visited website on the web. If you want your videos seen by your target demographic, we are the people to call.

Not As Expensive As You May Think

Each video is different. We can edit video you shot yourself with an iPhone or DSLR for $80 per hour. But don’t worry, we will give you a firm quote prior to any work. Typically a commercial takes 3-4 hours to edit. We also purchase music and arrange for Voice-Over talent if you need it.

We can also shoot your videos too. We write, direct, shoot, edit and place videos. We handle the total production of videos. We work with some of the best video production crews in Virginia. Our company president has gone to graduate school for video production at Regent University so finding really… REALLY good talent is a cinch for us.

“In-Lawfully Yours” is a movie that Regent University and Home Theater Productions created in 2016. Our company president worked on this film with his friends and former classmates.
You can watch it on Netflix.

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