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Website Repair

We repair websites. Our hourly rate is $79.99 per hour. Our entire staff is U.S. based, in Virginia and Idaho. We all have degrees in the field. We have a 4 hour minimum and work by proposal. Before we begin any work we get everything in writing so there are no surprises on your end or ours. These days we work primarily with WordPress. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla is built with HTML, PHP and CSS, so we can also repair that too.

WordPress Repair

  • WordPress Update Issues
    Automatic WordPress Updates are essential for platform stability and security. But often, it can be a problem for your website. If you have a problem because of a new update, we can fix it for you.
  • Theme Problems
    If your WordPress Theme is broken, we can help you. We already own over 100 WordPress Themes. We can help you with your theme if it si broken. We’ve know WordPress, we can fix your theme.
  • Plugin Problems
    Plugins are a common problem when your WordPress site breaks. Conflicts are common. We are up-to-date with which plugins work and work well with themes and other plugins.
  • General WordPress Problems
    We understand how WordPress works. With over 60,000 themes and counting, there are countless issues that arise from using this valuable platform.
  • White Screen Problems
    If your screen turn white after an update or if you have been hacked, we can help. Your website can be recovered in most cases. Give us a call.
  • WordPress Bugs
    There are often slight problems with WordPress Themes that annoy you. We are experts in WordPress bug repair. Call us.


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