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Electrophonic Innovations Website Redesign

Electrophonic Innovations Website Redesign The Challenge Electrophonic Innovations has a really cool product. An electric guitar with an amp and speaker built into the guitar’s body. They had a website that was pretty, but way too complicated for them to technically update and keep up-to-date content wise. This resulted in the website being constantly down and loss of sales. The Solution Electrophonic Innovations had a great solution in place when we started, it was just too complicated for the average user. We kept WordPress and WooCommerce plugins but changed the theme from UnDesign to WooCommerce’s Storefront theme using the Galleria extension. Now, the entire site is WooCommerce and does not conflict with the theme. Aesthetically the company’s site stayed on-par with the old theme but the back-end became much more user friendly and technically bulletproof. Live Site


Conmark Website

Conmark Website The Challenge Conmark Inc. has recently rebranded from another name and needed a new website. We had built a website for a company here in Virginia that they saw and liked. They asked us to redesign theirs. The Solution We built a website using a WordPress back-end so the users could easily make changes themselves. Our graphic designers edited videos, text and images for the site. Live Site


Bristol’s Closet Website

Bristol's Closet Website The Challenge Bristol’s Closet has over 22,000 followers on Poshmark. They wanted their own site to sell online. We were paid to build it fast and we did. The Solution Bristol’s Closet was built using WordPress, Avada theme and WooCommerce. We had just completed 5 websites when we received the “go-ahead” to build this site. We built this site under 5 days. We think it turned out beautifully. It is a recent site as we add this to our portfolio. Live Site