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YouTube Ads

That Only Counts Sales

Not clicks, impressions, likes or followers

Return On Investment

We know that every ad dollar counts. With YouTube ads management we track every single one and report to you 1.) How much you have spent and 2.) How many sales you made and very often, how much you made.

Quick YouTube Case Study

YouTube Ads

Business to Consumer Sales
$500 Per Month Ad Spend
$400 Management Fee
$900 Total Ads + Management
$16,450 Per Month in Sales

Before to Spin Modern

$500 Per Month Ad Spend
$0 Management Fee
$2,500 Per Month Employee Pay
$3,000 Per Month Ads + Employee
$3500 Per Month in Sales
Client was only breaking even.

After Spin Modern

Client more than quadrupled sales while saving over $2000 per month in cost. With YouTube ads management, they went from a single person doing the work to more than a dozen people working on their sales.

More Case Studies

SEO Case Studies

LOCAL SEO: Oral Surgeon Sales
NATIONAL SEO: Trade School Sales

PPC Case Studies

Google Ads: Auto Parts Sales
Google Ads: Oral Surgeon Sales
Google Ads: Trade School Sales
WAZE Ads: Urgent Care Sales

Social Case Studies

Facebook: Business to Consumer
Instagram: Business to Business

How we operate:

  • We require a $900 per month minimum commitment
  • We do not require a set up fee
  • We do not have a termination fee
  • We manage on a month-to-month basis

Spin Modern Process

Below is basically how we operate a social media campaign

Step 1: Evaluate Current Social Media Marketing Strategy
Step 2: Discover Primary and Secondary Goals
Step 3: Create a Social Media Mission Statement
Step 4: Discuss and Agree on Strategy Success Metrics
Step 5: Create Engaging Sales Content
Step 6: Track Sales, Split Test Sales Effectiveness
Step 7: Analyze Results

Consultation Request


Why Spin Modern?
We are a U.S. based team that knows how to sell. It is all we do. We are totally transparent with our sales tracking and fee structure. 24/7 Reporting is available if you want it and written reports with executive summaries are sent monthly detailing sales and cost.

Sales Automation

We bring a new level of sales opportunities to your company. Once our clients are up-to-speed they can dial up or down sales on demand.

Sales Tracking

Our clients can see how much they are spending and how much they are making to the penny 24/7.

Sales Reporting

We are available between 9am and 8pm Eastern for performance inquiries. We offer 24/7 performance reporting and a monthly written executive summary explaining what we have done, what we are doing and what we are planning, in plain English, so you can make wise decisions fast.

Want to know more?

Give us a call at 757-772-8523 or click the button below to schedule a call.

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