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      Our Only Job Is To Make Your Company Money

      Spin Modern makes your phones ring. We make your company money. That is our only job and it isn’t complicated. It is how we report back to you on how we are doing. We report back to you in plain english how successful we are by quality phone calls vs. money spent.

      Advertising is an Investment

      You Need Clear Measurable Results

      We make sure to provide you with a crystal clear understanding of where every dollar you spend is going and we report on each segment separately so you can make the best decisions for your company.

      Clear Results

      No Complicated Industry Jargon

      It’s easy, we don’t need formulas to explain how we are doing. Formulas are an internal mechanism. When you engage our services we lay out a plain easy to understand marketing plan. Then we report the number of calls we brought you.

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      Why Do I need Digital Advertising?

      The digital world is evolving. More now than ever your business needs to be found online. With the recent changes to google it’s important to update your websites accordingly. This and a thousand other reasons more is why it’s beneficial to have a digital marketing company. That’s where experts like us can help.


      What are the benefits of digital advertising for any company?

      The most important benefit is growth. It’s a must. Your marketing company should be creating growth within your business.

      What digital marketing problems do manufacturing companies have?

      Not having enough interesting content. Whether your writing is for your products or to describe your process, you have to make digestible content. That’s content that matters.

      Which of the following should be a primary component in a company's digital marketing strategy?

      The Clients need. Oftentimes client’s direction and purpose shift and change. Without making the client priority you miss these updates. This leads to a disconnect and a decrease in the relationship.

      What exactly a digital marketing company does?

      In short, we meet with the client to understand their needs. Then we consult them with marketing service strategies that are scaled to the proportion of their company. Using the selected services by the client, we generate leads that will lead you to higher conversions.

      If you knew these 145 people, then they’d tell you to call us, one of the top Virginia Beach SEO Company!

      While searching for a top Advertising Agency, I came across Spin Modern. I contacted them to discuss Digital Advertising. I was impressed with their knowledge and customer service. I was interested in SEO Advertising and Digital Marketing and found out they offer SO much more. They took the time to review my business plan and my personal goals. Their Web Design team is fantastic and my website came out better than I'd hoped. I found companies that didn't impress me or where using people out of the US. If you're looking for the top advertising agency and want a digital strategist on your team, Call the team at Spin Modern today!
      Chuck Russell
      Chuck Russell
      15:04 16 Jun 22
      Through The Roofing Company, we've partnered with Spin Modern for the last two years. The team is very knowledgeable, open to ideas and offer suggestions for improving the website, GoogleAds and SEO search to provide consistent results. They are wonderful to work with and responsive when we have questions.
      Cara Riddick
      Cara Riddick
      13:10 16 Sep 21
      My Company Top Precision used Spin Modern to design, build and host our website. They also provide ongoing SEO, advice and consultation. I would highly recommend Spin Modern for these services.
      Danny Grasseschi
      Danny Grasseschi
      17:49 10 Sep 21
      Spin Modern advertises our company to find new customers and help us make money! Period. That is why we have a website and social media pages, to be found, help people get fit and make money! Spin Modern operates with integrity and professionalism and they have experienced marketing leaders! Their team helps market us on all levels of web advertising for both of our locations in Kempsville and Bayside! It takes money to make money and their system WORKS! We have had success with Spin Modern and we are confident you will as well when you hire them!
      Natural Bodyz
      Natural Bodyz
      13:26 15 Jul 21
      Dave and his team at Spin Modern are the best. They will definitely help you transform your business and make more profits.
      14:06 22 Dec 20
      Dave and his team are top notch! Always professional and timely in their response. They have your best interest in mind and are geared toward results and return for your business!!
      Parke Atkinson
      Parke Atkinson
      14:04 22 Dec 20
      A local noble company, that really does help businesses grow!
      Macro McKenzie
      Macro McKenzie
      23:30 23 Sep 20
      Spin Modern is the best company we have used to create and develop our website. They consistently deliver on everything we ask for. Since going to Spin Modern we are now attracting more maritime students both nationally and internationally. Very knowledgeable on the constantly changing electronic world and making us more visible through Search Engine Optimization, marketing techniques and improved strategies to keep us at the fore front of the digital world. Everyone from Dave on down is passionate about what they do and they do it extremely well!!
      Raymond Blanchet
      Raymond Blanchet
      20:54 13 Dec 19
      The team at Spin Modern has been an amazing asset to our start up. From the beginning scope of assisting us with our web site and brand message, to educating us on how best to spend our marketing budget, to implementing a plan to do that, to success---they have walked us through it all. Dave's team are so well versed and knowledgeable about the services they offer and provide, that they has taught us such a wonderful understanding, that we feel 100% confident in our growth and success. Thank you for the professionalism and all that you have done for us.
      Erin Hurry
      Erin Hurry
      00:38 13 Dec 19
      I've known the president of Spin Modern Dave Flanagan for over 25 years and there was no question in my mind that when I decided to open my own small business a year ago that I wanted Dave and Spin Modern at my side. I have absolutely no regrets. The website that they designed for us is absolutely top notch. They have made adjustments to our site on multiple occasions over the last year to enable technological innovations that enable better client communications and make doing business easier. Spin Modern made all of these transitions seamless. Their SEO management is second to none. You won't find anyone out there who will work harder for you than all of the folks over at Spin Modern. If you want a true partner in your business, these are the people to which you need to talk!
      James Kimmel
      James Kimmel
      00:30 13 Dec 19