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Video for web marketing

Bring more traffic to your website

There are times when YouTube or Vimeo make sense. But there are times when posting your videos there is a mistake. If you’re looking to drive visitors to your website, you’ll want to take advantage of Wistia’s SEO optimized embed codes. They’re designed to automatically optimize your videos for search engines and direct that traffic back to your domain.

We are Wistia Partners.

Build drip campaigns around viewing data, assign leads to your sales team, and engage with your audience in a personal, scalable, and spiritual way. Don’t let your audience forget about you, and stop wasting time chasing leads. Add our’s marketing automation integrations to your marketing tool belt.

Video for TV

Video Production

Video production involves conception of the campaign, planning the shoot, writing, directing and editing. Depending on the complexity a quality production shoot can cost very little, say around $1200 or 100 times that, or more. Our typical commercials for both TV and the web cost around $5,000, give or take 20%. We would love to work on larger budget campaigns. Unlike the rest of our business, video production is largely regional. However, we will travel.

Television advertising involves two main tasks: creating a television advertisement that meets broadcast standards and then, placing the advertisement on television via a targeted air time media buy that reaches the desired customer. We create video for the web and TV.