Essential Online Selling Tools for Maximum Conversions

Generating leads is no longer just about posting catchy ads with product links, but also about the relationship value between a business and possible customer. In the digital age, there are tools that make this kind of lead generation efficient and fulfilling. In fact, our team at Spin Modern specializes in equipping every client with the best advertising tools through bespoke marketing strategies and expert support.

Today we’re going to break down 5 essential online selling tools. There’s no better place to start than the online hub of every business. Here are our top 5 tools:

#1: Web design

Having a website that sells

In online selling, your website is your most valuable asset. It’s the digital real estate that you control and the hub you want to direct online traffic towards. It’s where customers should be able to view your products, story, business information and contact details. It should be designed to reflect the best of your brand and engage the kind of audience you want to attract. Most importantly, your website is where customers buy things. It’s the final part of the sales process, so web design needs to be tailored to streamlining that.

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#2: Google Ads

Selling with pay-per-click

Through Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords), you pay to have a Google ad for your business displayed to customers who search for relevant terms on Google Search and Maps. It offers businesses the ability to modify targeting preferences (such as target audiences, locations, etc.) in order to reach the right people at the right time with the right message. This narrowed targeting ability maximizes the chance of clicks on ads resulting in quality leads, thus maximizing a business’ return while staying within a specified budget.

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#3: Social media selling

Selling on social media

The number one mistake businesses make with social media is treating it like a soapbox. As connected platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have made us, they’re also spaces where trying to be loud just adds to the existing noise. When it comes to social selling, social media is at its best when it’s used to communicate on a human level. The majority of your followers may not be customers (yet) but by following, they’ve invested their attention. That investment is best rewarded with original posts that build brand awareness and directly engage with followers. There are also the benefits of advertising tools like boosted posts, targeted social media ads and SEO keywords in your posts. All of these tools help to bring new leads to your social media platform, and the cycle of social selling can start again.

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#4: SEO selling

Keywords that bring in key clients

So you have your website down and your social media accounts neatly lined up, what now? Those platforms don’t exist in a vacuum; they need to be optimized to generate leads. This is where content marketing comes into play, or as it’s also known as: SEO selling. Search engines, like Google, rely on several factors to decide which sites to show in a search return. The most important of those factors is metadata. Metadata is the information on your site that tells a search engine what topics you specialize in, how readable your content is and how relevant your website is to the person searching. Search engine optimization (SEO) is about strategically weaving keywords and phrases across your website. Blogs, for example, are a great way to present keywords in the text, headings and subheadings.

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#5: Video production

Catch a client’s eye

Visual media is a powerful tool for connection. You don’t need the kind of advertising budget that’s usually put aside for Super Bowl ad slots, either. The beauty of producing a TV commercial is that it translates just as well to social media, where it can be shared and gain visibility in a host of new ways. A quality commercial isn’t just an advertisement, it’s an asset that can be used again and again, meaning it can generate leads over time, even after the first impression.

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We’re here to help you generate high quality leads

At Spin Modern, we’re all about helping our clients generate high-quality leads and establish lasting relationships with their customers. We offer these essential online selling tools, and more! We provide market-leading advertising services, designed and executed by a team of experienced, highly skilled professionals.

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